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Backstage winter collection 2018

Backstage winter collection Tirabasso 2018.


Evening – 50° years Tirabasso company

on TV Centro Marche date 17-10-2017 at 20:10 channel 10 and in replication one hour later on channel 110.


NEWS – Tipicità 2018

The company renewed its presence at the 26th edition of Tipicità 2018 which took place March 3rd-5th at the Fermo Forum.

In addition to the new hat creations, Tirabasso showed a new face!

Weren’t you there? Don’t worry, have a look at the pictures.



Pubblicato da Tirabasso su Mercoledì 14 marzo 2018

®PANASOFT – registered trademark

®PANASOFT is the registered trademark that identifies a material of extraordinary qualities.

Lightness, durability and protection from UV rays are valuable characteristics of this product.
The interweaving of no more than 5 BU contributes to the realization of a hat of great quality and refinement.


Crushable – What ??

“Crushable” literally means “that can be crumpled”.

In the hatmakers’ jargon the word “crushable” defines a hat that can be folded and rolled up, but which, if necessary, easily resumes its original shape and becomes ready to be worn. It is not clear? Here’s a demonstration.

Crushable is water repellent

30-07-2017 Tirabasso hats in Montappone hat Festival

Tirabasso company enthusiastically took part in the 2017 edition of the Montappone Hat Festival.

The ancient tradition of straw manufacturing relives between countryside crafts and games, music, folk songs, local products and cooking of the past. The historic centre of the “capital of the hat” will be animated by over two hundred protagonists who will show visitors how a straw hat is made, from the harvest, to the interweaving up to the seam. Not a reenactment, rather a revival of the activities that have made Montappone the “international center of the hat”.

Video-backstage Summer 2018

3 JULY 2017 – Backstage Video Tirabasso Spring – Summer 2018.

“Havana Night” Officina Resturant in Civitanova Marche

Tirabasso hats protagonists at Havana Night Officina Resturant in Civitanova Marche

Havana Night