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Our Products

First class natural fabrics are at the basis of the success of our hats.

The knitting department uses high quality and handcrafted raw materials entirely made in Italy.

Waterproof and crushable felt hats. Embellished with all kinds of accessories, straps and ribbons.

Our straw hats are unique and precious. Japanese straw and paper with exceptional qualities.

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Our History


The foundation of the group goes back to 1967, when Serafino Tirabasso decided to transform its business approach.


In the course of half a century the company, born from talent and courage of one person, has been able to transform itself into a group leader in its sector.


Having faced the challenges of their time with capacity and profit, whitout losing the know-how derived from the tradition of local manufacturing have enabled the company to affirm its full potential in an increasingly competitive global market.

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Video Gallery

Sezione dedicata alla raccolta di tutti i video stagionali realizzati per presentare le collezioni di cappelli Tirabasso.

Video Collezione Tirabasso Estate 2019


Galleria fotografica con momenti e ambienti della produzione. Immagini e momenti della lavorazione dei cappelli raccolti in un video in occasione del cinquantesimo anno di attività della Tirabasso Serafino S.r.l.

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Foto Michela Morganti

Human Resource Manager

Michela Morganti

Foto Massimo Tirabasso

Chief Executive Officer - Straw Department

Massimo Tirabasso

Foto Claudio Tirabasso

Chief Executive Officer - Import/Export Department

Claudio Tirabasso

Foto Serafino Tirabasso

Founder & General Manager

Serafino Tirabasso

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