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Tirabasso Group is a leading company in the manufacturing and distribution of hats and accessories.
Thanks to their ability to positively look at innovation and globalization, without losing track of their identity and a bond with a territory known for high-quality manufacturing, the Tirabasso family built a group that can satisfy any request, based on an excellent distribution that can put on the market innovative products that meet the consumers’ needs.


The group was founded in 1967, when Tirabasso Serafino decided to become an entrepreneur. Forty-five years later, a company that was the result of one man’s intelligence and courage transformed into a leading group inside its market share. The company could confirm its potential inside a more globalized market, thanks to its way of facing challenges, without losing its know-how coming from a local manufacturing tradition.


Innovation, courage and a great vision in the company’s choices are the key elements of a path started by the Tirabasso family. Thanks to a strong leadership, the company managed to successfully face the different phases of its evolution: from a craftsman lab to an industry, from local company to international group.
With the integration of the territorial manufacturing tradition and with research and globalization of the team, the group has been growing constantly and it is nowadays a consistent reality that never lost its main goal: produce hats and accessories that can adapt not only to the people’s heads, but also to their way of thinking about fashion, style and life.
Italian personality that highlights productions all Made in Italy, where the company invests, and with values of authenticity.


tirabasso serafino


tirabasso serafino

It is the leading company of the group, with their collection made of straw, natural fabric and felt which are characterized by craftsmanship applied to fashion.
Charm, style and novelty are the milestones of its forty-year success, so that it became one of the best examples of the most traditional and appreciated made in Italy style.





From its birth, it has been thought for men, women and children of every age. These collections are dedicated to those who love a trendy and up-to-date look: casual and colorful in some cases, elegant and versatile in others.
Constant cooperation with the most famous cartoon brands and children fashion designers and new collections entirely made in Italy with their craftsmanship and added value complete a product that is all about creativity.


Tirabasso Group Via Ada Natali, 2 63834 Massa Fermana (FM) Italy
Tel. 0734/760348 Fax 0734/760589

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